More on Citrus Greening

The Texas Master Gardener Association sent me a notice of upcoming meetings for August.  As a matter of fact, one is today. But they included a link to an LA Times article on Citrus Greening and the introduction of small wasp predators from Pakistan which are supposed to kill the carrier of the disease, the psyllids. […]

Citrus Greening

Citrus greening is a disease that affects the production, quality, and appearance of citrus trees. It is caused by the Asian citrus psyllid, a small insect. As I do organic farming I am involved in a project to deal with this pesky insect by introducing other insects which feed on this pest. I have added […]

News 5 Interview on Organic Farming

On December 1st, KRGV News interviewed me at my orchard on organic farming and the water situation this year. It was a good little interview and you can see some of my orange crops. The interview can be seen on News 5’s website.

More on Organic Farming

Here is a graphic that I used in my powerpoint presentation that goes over the cycle relating to organic farming and how various elements relate to one another in the environment. Hopefully this will provide you with more information on how organic farming works to keep the balance of nature. The practice has a number […]

New Video

Here is an interview with me about my views on dentistry and helping in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Benefits of Organic Food

Here are some reasons why organic farming and foods are needed. When one gives the body what it needs, the body will naturally do what is was designed to do. Giving the body organic food is will help it function more optimally. Organic food can best be described as food which is farmed in a […]

Organic Pest Control

The following are some shorthand notes that I made as part of a powerpoint presentation I did to a group in Harlingen earlier this year. I think you can get from the points themselves the gist of the various means that one can use to naturally deal with insect pests. Under the banner of “integrated […]