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Tiny wasps from Pakistan that kill psyllids

The Texas Master Gardener Association sent me a notice of upcoming meetings for August.  As a matter of fact, one is today.

But they included a link to an LA Times article on Citrus Greening and the introduction of small wasp predators from Pakistan which are supposed to kill the carrier of the disease, the psyllids.  I have downloaded the article to keep it and I have put it here for reference.

Here is the schedule of the meetings:

Wednesday, August 7th at 9:00am -MG Intern Class– Vegetable Gardening

Thursday, August 8th -Master Gardener Association Meeting at the Extension Meeting room
6:15pm- Social
6:30pm- Speaker Dr. Dan Flores-USDA-APHIS on Tamarixia

Friday, August 9th– TMGA Conference Meeting- in Weslaco
10:00am- Gift Shop Committee
11:00am- General meeting (update on sponsors/vendors)

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