The Benefits of Organic Food

Here are some reasons why organic farming and foods are needed.

When one gives the body what it needs, the body will naturally do what is was designed to do. Giving the body organic food is will help it function more optimally. Organic food can best be described as food which is farmed in a holistic, ecologically-balanced manner. This is in contrast to food which is farmed using primarily chemical farming methods. Other signs of non-organic foods are those grown using chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organism (GMO Foods) or synthetic pesticides. For people desiring the highest quality, most nutrient rich foods on the planet, identifying organically grown foods is a good first step.

Consuming organically raised foods is not only ideal for a healthier body, but also ideal for a healthier planet. Organic farms help sustain diverse ecosystems. This is beneficial for insects, plants and animal life. These farms also use much less energy and minimize waste. Because these farms release zero synthetic pesticides, they create a healthy environment for the farm workers, wild life and soil.

Field of organic vegetables

Field of organic vegetables near Harlingen

What many people fail to realize is that the human body does not recognize much of today’s food as food. Essentially what happens when someone eats GMO, processed or chemically treated foods, is that while they are fillig their stomach, little or zero nutrients are being absorbed by their cells. As a result a larger portion of the population is malnourished. This also explains to some extent, why so many people over eat. They eat, their stomach says thank you, but their cells are starving. Those starving cells send a message to the brain that they are still hungry. The brain sends out that hunger sensation and the person eats again. This process is played out over and over again, until we now have an obesity problem in our society.

All this can easily be remedied through education. People, when they start to understand how their bodies respond to certain foods, will then been equipped to make the best food choices. Organic food is one of those good choices. Knowing that an apple is an apple, or that a tomato is an tomato is crucial to a healthy body. More and more stores are beginning to recognize that the number of consumers choosing organic foods is rising. It is much easier today to locate stores or farmers markets where organic food is available.

People will often use the higher cost of foods grown organically as their reason for buying otherwise. In truth, the cost to their health in the long run will far out weigh any short term cost. As the consumption of organic foods increase, prices will naturally decrease.

Enjoying fruits and vegetables the way nature intended, is one major reason many people buy organic. Helping to preserve the environment is another reason many select organic foods. These foods also have another great benefit, they taste better. The body will more easily recognize organic foods and more easily digest them. Today, even some of the big chain grocery stores are carrying organic foods, making shopping for them much easier. Ultimately, eating these high quality, environmentally conscious foods will help individuals, families, communities, cities, states, countries and the whole world.

About Juan Villarreal

In 1983, I began my dentistry practice in Harlingen, Tx, and today it is one of the largest and most successful in the country. However I have a variety of other interests such as photography and organic farming. I am very proud of my orchards of organically grown tangerines and grapefruits.